Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grapes / Vineyard MEASURING SPOONS - Decorative Kitchenware

We're very excited to begin introducing our Kitchenware FUNDRAISING PRODUCT LINE over the next few weeks!

Todays product roll out features: Grapes / Vineyard MEASURING SPOONS

Although todays product is not an "American Made Product", this Canadian based company has offices on American soil while employing hundreds of American Citizens.... and THAT we absolutely support!!

Take a sneak peak at this featured product - we're adding more every day!!

Grapes / Vineyard Measuring Spoons - Decorative Kitchenware
sold by Little Joe Blow Ind
Is your School or Special Needs Foundation looking for short term or long term ways to raise money?

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO GANZ for making this high quality product available for us to sell AND raise money for SCHOOLS as well as SPECIAL NEEDS FOUNDATIONS across the Country! (and THANK YOU for extending your company to the USA and employing hundreds of US Citizens... you make a difference!).